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Below we explore the Trevethan Trevathan and Trefethan places from around the world and find it has been used not only in Cornwall but also in the new world where the family has spread too. The United States is the only country to use Trefethan and Australia only uses Trevethan. New Zealand has only Trevathan.

I hope that with your help other place names will be discover and photos of the places I have missing added. If you can help please forward these to me at and I will include them in this page.



Bolingey, Perranporth - Trevethan Close

Budock - Trevethan (place)

Trevethan in Budock Parish was spelt Trefudon 1306, Trefuthon 1325, Trefuthen 1327 and 1517, Tremuthon 1342 and Trevethan 1470.


Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk - Trevethan Close
Endellion - Trevathan Farm

Trevathan Farm is situated three quarters of a mile due south from St Endellion Church. While a working farm it has been beautifully converted to holiday cottages that capture the very essence of Cornwall, country living yet only three miles to the sea. A great place to stay while in Cornwall.

Have a look at this interesting site.

Falmouth - Trevethan Close

One of four Trevethan street names on Trevethan Hill, Falmouth. Trevethan Close, a short cul-de-sac, runs of Trevethan Road.



Falmouth - Trevethan Gardens
Falmouth - Trevethan Gospel Chapel
Falmouth - Trevethan Hill

See below for more details

Falmouth - Trevethan House


Falmouth - Trevethan Rise

One of four Trevethan street names on Trevethan Hill, Falmouth. Trevethan Rise joins Trevethan Road.


Falmouth - Trevethan Road

One of four Trevethan street names on Trevethan Hill, Falmouth. Trevethan Road connects Trevethan Close, Trevethan Rise and Trevethan Terrace.



Falmouth - Trevethan Terrace

One of four Trevethan street names on Trevethan Hill, Falmouth. Trevethan Terrace runs of Trevethan Road.


Gwennap - Trevethan House

Trevethan in Gwennap Parish was spelt Trefudon 1302, Trefuthan 1326 Trefuthyon 1516 and Trefuthen 1558

Padstow - Trevethan Farm

Trevethan farm is a place to stay having three delightful cottages, accommodating up to 6 persons. Quiet situations with lovely estuary and countryside views. 

The farm is close to Padstow an historic working fishing port on the River Camel Estuary in North Cornwall, with a beautiful unspoilt harbour and a maze of narrow streets with excellent holiday facilities.

Have a look at their site

Porthcothan - Trevethan (place)

Trevethan in St Eval Parish was spelt Trevethan 1474, 1510 and 1549 and is the place where Trevethan House can be found today.

Porthcothan - Trevethan House

A delightful Manor style house right at the heart of where my Trevethan family came from. Over looking the sea at Porthcothan. Some of the buildings date back to 1680.

Have a look at their site


Redruth - Higher Trevethan (place)

Part of Gwennap Parish, West Cornwall. Fifteen minutes from Falmouth.



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Amiens, Queensland - Trevethan Lane

In Amiens, Queensland there is a lane named Trevethan presumably named after one of the early settlers.


Cooktown Area, Q'land - Black Trevethan Range

These mountains are near Cooktown, Queensland and named after Alfred Trevethan a local butcher and publican in the late 1800’s. Read about his life on the Australia page.

Australia - Alfred Trevethan


Cooktown Area, Q'land - Trevethan Creek

This creek near Cooktown, Queensland is named after Alfred Trevethan a local butcher and publican in the late 1800’s. The crossing of this creek was the site of Alfred's hotel. Read about his life on the Australia page. As you can see Australia can be a dry place and there was no water in the creek when this photo was taken.

Australia - Alfred Trevethan

Cooktown Area, Q'land - Trevethan Falls

These falls are near Cooktown, Queensland and named after Alfred Trevethan a local butcher and publican in the late 1800’s. Read about his life on the Australia page. These falls are absolutely spectacular, but a 4WD is required to get to them as the road can get quite rough toward the end. There is a turn off marked by a tin sign "FALLS" on the right hand side about half way down Mt. Amos Road. Once at the falls, take in the surroundings, climb the rocks to get a better view of the amazing lagoon and cascading waterfalls. These falls are definitely worth the drive!

Australia - Alfred Trevethan


Minnamurra - Trevethan Street

This street was named after Robert Trevethan who owned a quarry in the area and built a row of miner's cottages and a large family home for himself. This was later to become Trevethan Street which I think has now been renamed. Read about his life on the Australia page.

Australia - Robert Trevethan

Minnamurra - Trevethan Reserve

The Trevethan Reserve on the Minnamurra River was named after Robert Trevethan who set up a blue metal quarry in the areaaround 1910. Read about his life on the Australia page.

Australia - Robert Trevethan 



Toowoomba, Q'land - Trevethan Street

Trevethan Street, Toowoomba is a short street named after Thomas Trevethan, Mayor of Toowoomba in 1888. Read about his life on the Australia page. I visited this street in 2006 and took this photo.

Australia - Thomas Trevethan



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Bere Ferrers - Trevethan Park

This little park in Bere Ferrers is named after a branch of the Porthcothan family who moved there from Cornwall in 1846. The picture is of Ken Trevathan from New Zealand and a distant relative Barry Trevethan from Devon. Read about this family using the link below.

John Trevethan



New Zealand

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Wanaka, Otago - Trevathan Lane

In 1988 the planning committee of the Wanaka District Council chose Trevathan for a street name in the new Scurr Heights subdivision as members of the family had been early pioneers in the district. Read about their lives on the New Zealand page.

New Zealand Family

United States of America

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Denton, Texas - Trevathan Drug Store
Denton, Texas - Trevathan Street
Kittery, Maine - Trefethen Avenue
Napa Valley, California - Trefethen Vineyards

Situated in the Napa valley.

Visit the vineyard

Oakland, California - Trefethen Aquatic Centre

The Trefethen Aquatic Center opened in 1998, thanks to a generous donation from a Mills College Trustee in memory of Eugene Trefethen, a long-time Trustee.



Peaks Island - Trefethen Avenue

Peaks Island , a residential island off the coast of Portland , offers spectacular views of Casco Bay , the Atlantic Ocean , coastal towns, and neighboring islands. A scenic 20-minute ferry ride to the island from Portland is half the fun. Part of the loop around the island is Trefethen Avenue.


Peaks Island - Trefethen Landing
Pleasant Grove, CA - Trevethan Farms

A farm name in Pleasant Grove, Calafornia owned by Walter Trevethan in 2004.



Santa Cruz - Trevethan Ave

A street name in Santa Cruz City presumably named after Walter Trevethan an early settler named in the poll result of the first election held in Santa Cruz County, on the first Monday in April, 1850.



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Monmouthshire - Trevethan Parish

The name of a parish in Monmouthshire, Wales. This is a parish in the upper division of Abergavenny hundred, county Monmouth, 7 miles from Usk, and 1 mile from Pontypool. It is situated near the Brecon and Monmouthshire canals and the river Afon Llwyd. The parish contains the townships of Aberyschan, Pontnewydd, and Pont-y-pool, The connection between Trevethan in Wales and the family in Cornwall is not known.


Trevethan Farms In Cornwall

As mentioned on the Porthcothan page around the St Merryn area of Cornwall can be found Trevethan farm at Porthcothan, Trevethan farm near Padstow and Trevathan farm in St Minver. The old map below dated 1813 of the St Merryn area in Cornwall shows no less than four Trevethan place names.

St Merryn Area

Trevethan, Falmouth 1891

There is another Trevethan place name in the north east of Falmouth city in southern Cornwall. The Falmouth tithe map of 26 April 1841 and the tithe apportionment of 1 April 1842 show that this land was owned at the time by Lord Wodehouse who later became Earl Kimberley. See the map to the right which is a copy of a six inch ordnance survey map of 1909 showing Trevethan. There is also a Trevethan Road and a Trevethan Rise off it there today. In the 1991 census there was a Trevethan District Ward in the Carrick District of central Falmouth. The 1891 census lists people living at Trevethan Hill.

Trevarthan Place Name

The place name Trevarthan is also to be found in Cornwall.

Trevarthian in St Hillary Parish and also Newlyn East.

Trevarthen in St Kew (formally Trevarthean 1237).

The place name Trevarthian is derived from Tre-arthian meaning Arthien’s homestaed, of the history of this surname “Lower” quotes from Gilbert’s Cornwall as follows: “The Manor of Trevarthian in the Parish of Newlyn, near Truro, is undoubtedly the spot that gave origin to this family who in former times ranked amoungest the most distinguised names that have been known in Cornwall.”




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